Whistlers hanging around back end of tarcoola towards tarcoola school.
by Chris Berry
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/WqHgg5

In the chapman road area, check your letter boxes daily for mail, as every morning I am finding my letterbox open! so someone is going around checking letterboxes at night!
by Gemma Vains
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1tgsxia

Who was the guy asking about a ute getting stolen in narngaloo they drove like an idiot past my house just down from the yard and were doing burnouts and nearly hit my siblings. 2 aboriginal drivers and then they picked people up and had people in the tray.
by Brooke Smith
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1oKHEw2

Our car was parked in driveway, didnt stop who ever from getting into it and taking money from ashtray, we keep nothing in cars so must of been disapointing for them !! Live Sydney Street Mt Tarcoola, also last night a few seemed to be wondering about, our dogs were barking and growling off and on all night.went outside to check but couldnt see anyone….sorry to our neighbours but thats why we have dogs !! All seemed in place this morning when checking around.
by Jen Reed
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1yucVKT

Was anybody else broken into today in the Mahomets area ? Unfortunately my partner and I were. Thieves stole both our laptops, a jar of money, portable DVD player, deodorant and quicksilver back pack that we know of so far, as well as the butts from the ash tray and a few lighters. It’s sad to know people can do this to other people and not seem to care
by Alicia Hogendoorn
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1nJ1QlE

Just a heads up; Gertrude street area. My daughter opened the front door to see someone run out from the side entrance of our home, My suspicion possibly trying to break into the car or jump the fence. Please lock up people!
by Dolina A Sekodel
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1oDYHQB

Does anyone live in the area of Abelia Street and Ulmus Street Rangeway? For over a week there has been this noise. It’s 3 beeps then a pause and then 3 beeps. Goes day and night without stopping. We have narrowed it down to a house but occupations are not there. It’s starting to drive my family nuts. Not sure what to do about it?
by ShaunandEm Daws
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1r9USsr

Admin please remove if required: Can anyone please tell me what the residential laws are on noise control ? I know the hours etc, but iam looking into the EXCESSIVE noise during the day for a residential street. My neighbours have the right to play music YES, but when it appears like its in your own home it becomes a bit ridiculous. Does anyone know ? Iam not the neighbour from hell, no bad comments please, None of you would put up with it either believe me. any ideas what those laws are ?
by Kel Ritchie
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1nvB0NP

young kids about four or more hanging around wonthella area trying get in houses.all the numbered streets . Police ave been called
by Stacey Taylor
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1m7GdGC

Isn’t this great….. all the best kids ~
by Lanie Agi
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1mHMe0Y


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