What is wrong with people!! Two of these ‘work’ utes over took this truck because he was waiting for it to be safe for HIM to pull out!! So disrespectful!!!
by Chantelle Daisee Campbell
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1s8XaWM

2 young teens non Caucasian 1 red beanie white shirt and ripped 3/4 jeans and joggers the other black surf brand cap blue singlet shirt and black shorts jumping fences in wonthella flores road end fell in my yard (different leveling height to neighbours) come half way into patio once they saw me on phone they bolted out through side gate. think I may have disturbed them trying to enter neighbour’s property and called out hello (lol) they’ve than jumped over fence into my yard to which i called 131444 number and police attended within 4 minutes and are now patrolling the area and hopefully may find the buggers. Great response time to the boys in blue.
by Emma Harvey
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1zzCcDP

I have seen heaps of Police around town today.
Good work boys in blue !
by Gerald Tone
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1k79BSL

Well done boys in blue for getting another 2 idiots this afternoon in Karloo at the expense of my side court yard gates and plants hope he has a big spike in him cause he jumped into my cactus bush.
by Natalie Waller Benson
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1uGhAL6

Great driving by a guy in a station wagon number plate 1ATA565- were you deliberately trying to wipe me and my 10 week old daughter off the road because we were doing the speed limit??!!!!!! Ass hole! You tailgated me dangerously close yelling and cursing out the window then because I didn’t speed up to your speed you proceeded to over take me making sure you almost side swiped me!! I might just take this to the police!
by Amanda Ujdur
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1qJTjlK

Heads up people, youths throwing rocks at vehicles ABRAHAM STREET. Cemetery end. Be careful and alert , Police informed.
by Aalita Bell
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1mXVZUM

by Gerald Tone
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1uC2C97

by Shireena Datta
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1tfXnud

Yesterday some dark kids went to every letter box on their home and ripped all the letters in half, on Alexander St. Their photo was taken but not much can be done because they’re kids.. But it’s the same kids that cause trouble and steal from everyone
by Karlee Rees
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/1AkMA3M

My car broken into last night on waldeck st. Apple Mac book pro taken.
by Zac Aldous
from Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch http://ift.tt/WWIU8X


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